Promo Towels

  • Woven from Zero Twist Yarn NOVACOT
  • Weight 600-650 g/m2
  • Job-order manufacture only
  • Posibility of woven logo type
  • Dimensions by requirement
  • Enhanced by every wash
  • Exquisit absorbency

Good-class firm presentation and pleasant gift.







The proficiency of NOVACOT yarns lies in long staple fibres without any twist. Its remarkable lightness and bulkiness is extraordinary. Towels woven from NOVACOT differ from any other terry cotton products for their exceptional gentleness and swiftly, than any other "classic" towels absorb water. Softness and silky touch feeling are incredible. By every wash their utility qualities come on even better. Towels from NOVACOT cotton are without doubt the softest and the most absorbent terry towels, emphasizing comfort and quality than ever.